Adrenal Dysfunction Part 1

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Team No Sleep, Team No Days Off = Team No Results

On today’s whiteboard I breakdown adrenal gland dysfunction by focusing on hyperadrenalism, also known as being stuck in a fight or flight nervous system state, which is how chronic stress begins.

Chronic stress eventually leads to adrenal gland dysfunction and abnormal cortisol levels. Cortisol abnormalities cause a wide range of negative health effects and worsen most chronic diseases. 

Chronically-elevated levels of cortisol are responsible for obesity, hypertension, diabetes, fatigue, depression, moodiness, irregular menstrual cycles, belly fat gain, inability to focus, decreased sex drive and even Alzheimer’s.

Today’s modern world combined with poor nutrition advice and calorie burning focused workouts only are further accelerating this issue.

In this video, I discuss symptoms of hyperadrenalism and what you can do to help reverse this to achieve the health and fitness you work hard for!

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