Learn Fitness Dynamics Explained

Learned: What we learn about you allows you to learn more from us.

From the moment you are onboarded, Our Catalyst Coaches are learning about you so we can establish your Dominate Driving Forces to build the best roadmap for your Long Term Results.

We want to be able to communicate with absolute clarity on a level that connects with our clients.

Combined with our Education Forever Academy, our clients are never left behind, guessing or feeling like their coach is not listening to their wants, needs, and desires.

Fitness: A body in motion is a mind in motion, and resistance-based training causes our bodies to adapt to new loads over time.

But your nervous system also responses to a load, and there is a lot of ”The New You’ locked inside your genetic code.

That’s when the magic happens because, when you put yourself into the stress of a new situation, you begin to unlock new genes and new parts of you – and that’s pretty cool because who knows how much is locked inside of you, right?!

We combine the periodization of your goals, giving our clients the forward momentum to unlocking ”The New You”.

Our Results are built on these principles because we understand that small wins stacked daily quickly turn into Long Term Results.

Dynamics: We use a Dynamic Metabolic Restoration protocol to solve painful problems for our clients, not just the symptoms of the problem.

We understand it is not just cardio or fitness or nutrition that gets our clients to unlock ”The New You”.

It takes a fully Dynamic approach to restore the metabolism, which creates the forces that allow our clients to achieve Long Term Results.

Here’s the breakdown of the roadmap. Most people cannot transform their bodies and get long-term results because they don’t feel that they have the behaviors to make a change.

They do not work on their behaviors because they feel like they do not have the capabilities to do so long term, so they start but then give up because the challenge seems impossible.

It becomes an endless fitness failure loop and causes people to stay stuck in the same position they were in a year ago.

That’s where our Catalyst Coaches come in.

We teach you Learned Fitness Dynamics, a framework and process that will support you during your body transformation journey, FOREVER.

Think of it as life coaching for the rest of your life because our success frameworks will not leave you.

There are no quick fix hacks, fads, trends, or diets in our methodology.

We are only concerned with fixing the problem, not just the symptoms of the problem. We will provide you with long-term results because we win as a company if you’re still implementing our education ten years from now.

That’s the meaning of being Relentless Forever.

You are always moving forward on your path towards “The New You”. We get you to move forward by installing the beliefs and values you need to start feeling the rewards of small incremental wins.

Those small wins stacked daily begin to make you feel capable of forming new behaviors, resulting in you achieving the desired body you want.

Now you see through a lens of success, your future success, how we help our clients achieve long-term results through a roadmap that our Catalyst Coaches help you navigate, driven by education and purpose.

For more information, visit: https://relentlessforever.com

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