Alcohol – Liver and Gut Foe

We all know alcohol damages the liver. What most clients I work with do not know is the liver is the primary site of metabolizing your estrogen. Most people who drink usually have poor eating habits and often eat not the most nutrient-dense food. This will, of course, lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 

When the liver does not have proper nutrients it cannot break down estrogen. If the liver is harmed by continuous alcohol use (2+ drinks a day) the liver is going to have further issues metabolizing estrogen.

Men and women who drink often usually have signs and symptoms of excess estrogen along with poor gut health. It is important to remember estrogen is metabolized in your liver and also removed from your gut via a bowel movement. If your bowels are off, estrogen can be reabsorbed back into your body. 

The remedy: stop drinking for a while, eat as much organic food as you can, and work a gut health protocol that includes your liver too as your liver is part of your digestion process, not just your weekend party organ.