Q..Huh?… What? A can’t-miss supplement.

Today gut health is all the vogue and sexiness of the health space in large part to our current health climate. I mean, it’s hard to ignore our ever-changing definition of what “healthy” is defined as each year passes, but with the emergence of something we can’t see killing us, science looks for the billion-dollar answer no matter where it might be.

How Do You Define “Wellness”?

Kevin Smith Wellness?

Wellness is not just eating well and exercising, although that is part of it. Your wellbeing comes in many different forms, physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, environmental, cultural, and occupational. All of these are important to maintain a balanced lifestyle, ideally.

The Reality of Portion Sizes Today

Going on 17 years of being a health coach has afforded me one truth I keep saying, and that is it is more complicated for people to lose weight today than it was 17 years ago. No, people are not lazier.

Oh sh*t, it is January?

How many times have the weeks after Christmas been a total blur and you realize you didn’t do anything productive the entire holiday season? With all the holiday events and parties, family dinners and get-togethers plus the extra days off work…

Stress and the effect it is having on each of us can no longer be overlooked.

From depression to weight gain, to immune system suppression, to a lower quality of life, these are just some of the things my clients have to

Stress management is just as important in your health and fitness journey as your nutrition, cardio, and weight training programming.