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Ginger Root

You want to make sure your poops are daily and provide relief...

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Get insulin sensitivity under control and watch as your body heals and finally changes in [...]

How Do You Define “Wellness”?

Wellness is not just eating well and exercising, although that is part of it. Your [...]

The Reality of Portion Sizes Today

Going on 17 years of being a health coach has afforded me one truth I [...]

Oh sh*t, it is January?

How many times have the weeks after Christmas been a total blur and you realize [...]

Birth Control, Chemicals and your Liver

Did you know "the pill" and modern-day living exposes us to chemicals that overburden your [...]

Flexible Dieting

Flexible Dieting Article Part 1 by: Landon Nix Flexible dieting can be described as counting [...]

Why Your Current Workout Program & Nutrition Program Might Be Holding You Back

Working out and dieting is great, but too much of anything can become a bad [...]

Keto Is Screwing A Lot Of You Up

Keto is screwing a lot of you up. That instant gratification of pounds down you [...]

Little tidbit about FHA and L-Carnitine

Functional hypothalamic amenorrhea (FHA) is a relatively frequent issue I encounter when working with female [...]