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The Rainforest That Is Your Gut – Part 3 – Your liver and why it is your best friend

I want to discuss your party recovery organ known as your liver. Most of us [...]

Blood Glucose Numbers And What They Might Mean

I get a lot of questions about insulin sensitivity and your blood glucose (BG) numbers [...]

Heartburn, Acid Reflux, and the reason you might be making things worse

Over the last few years, clients who hire me for nutrition coaching have increasingly had [...]

Leadership Series – Part 4 – Ego driven, ego defeated

Leadership Series Part 4 I can remember 2011 as clear as yesterday. We all tend [...]

Leptin – What is this mysterious hormone?

Leptin has often been a hormone that is overlooked by coaches in the health and [...]

Willpower – The Skill To Develop For Better Health, Fitness, and The Body You Want

Willpower is something each of us has either a lot of or none of. While [...]

Developing The Coach Within You Part 3

Leadership Series Part 3 In the first two parts of my leadership series, I discussed [...]

Client Spotlight: Kelly 20 Weeks Post Pregnancy Transformation

Kelly and I linked back up after her pregnancy was over and she was released [...]

Physique Education Collective

There is a lot I want to say about this picture. There is a lot [...]

Client Spotlight: Erin Dineen

Originally Erin didn’t want to post her progress pictures but I told her it might [...]