Client Spotlight: Cat De Rohan

I have been working with my online client, Cat for 2 months now on her gut health and hormonal health. Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) and a less than optimal hormone panel due to over-exercise can cause a lot of issues. This is becoming more and more common as I currently work with 12 women all with similar issues. Below is Cat’s story:

Less than two months ago I started working with Jeff. Before that, I had two surgeries this year where I was diagnosed with endometriosis. After both surgeries, I felt great, lost a lot of weight, but then my symptoms would reappear. 6 months after my surgeries, I felt horrible… puffy, bloated, couldn’t go to the bathroom and overall just feeling poorly.  I went to doctor after doctor who would just prescribe me the latest bandaid prescription that was on the market. I was to the point I was going to the doctor almost every other day and another surgery was the only solution.

“I had heard about Jeff through other people who had autoimmune and chronic illnesses and how he had helped their body function better so they were able to lose weight and feel “good” again. Having crossfitted and trying to be “paleo” for the last 10 years I felt I was pretty healthy and was constantly “dieting” but I wasn’t able to drop weight or feel “good”.   But after surgery and realizing how great I could feel, I knew no matter what workout or diet I “tried” wouldn’t work until I got my body properly functioning again.The first thing Jeff did was put me on numerous gut health supplements to help my stomach function better. Then he encouraged me to get blood work to test my hormones and thyroid so we could see exactly what was the issue. He also suggested I see a functional medicine doctor to get tested for “SIBO” which we both suspected I had but wasn’t able to get tested or treated by any of my regular doctors who wanted to call it “IBS”Turned out I had both low thyroid “Hypothyroid” and SIBO and am currently being treated for both.Jeff also has given me macros specific to helping my hormones and strength training workouts.  I was hesitant at first as it was different than my normal CrossFit workouts and macros.  I’m pretty sure I drove him crazy of my constant questioning of “are you sure I won’t bulk up” or  “will eating fat make me fat”? But I started to trust and get in the groove of it and really noticed a change in how I felt and looked. The scale has only shown a 5-pound deduction but my clothes and how I look by the pictures he encouraged me to take each week, show a huge difference.  I will be the first to admit I haven’t had one perfect week on macros or workouts but he has been patient and I have made little changes each week which are definitely showing.  He knows I like my wine and snacks and I am working on reducing both. I am learning it is progress, not perfection.I have also learned that sometimes something is wrong with my body/hormones, and not necessarily being perfect on my diet or workouts. I used to think if I missed my macros by 1 calorie or missed a day of working out that’s why I didn’t lose weight. Now I’m learning that it is a bigger picture of how the body works and responds.  A body that is in stress or inflamed can’t perform optimally.I am excited to continue on my journey of feeling and looking my best self as well as continuing to execute his directions better.  I know it is a steady and long term plan but also just only improving my gut health alone is a huge win.”

About Jeff Black

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