Client Spotlight: Dylan Gibson

It is #transformationtuesday and today I wanted to show Dylan Gibson’s 8 week transformation.


Dylan and I linked up back in July. He came to me from a good coach who stepped away from the industry so it was an easy transition because I was familiar with how Danny did things. Danny did a great job along with Dylan working in tandem setting him up for his goal to one day compete by taking him through a good fat loss phase where insulin sensitivity and recovery were key points of focus.


I decided to work on gaining some more muscle for Dylan to be competitive when the time comes to compete. We kept with monitoring things like blood glucose, bowels, recovery, and a focus on mastery of exercises that best fit him. We worked on the mastery aspect of his training and squeeze as much as we could from his programming. He was able to progress continually in one for almost 20 weeks as an example. Often people will switch their workouts week in and week out as to not be bored, but that to me is a mistake. I like to wear out exercises till either no progression happens (more reps or weight additions) or I notice I am not recovering like I used to. Monitoring Heart Rate Variability is one means to make sure you are maximizing your training while accounting for the stress of said training in addition to the stressors that life brings. Dylan made his peri-workout nutrition a focus point to assist in his recovery as well.


What you see here is 8 weeks and 20lbs lost. We worked his carbs up over 600g for training days with a lower fat approach along with a carb cycle with daily fluctuations in carbs consumed with minimal cardio and utilization of HIIT to help keep insulin sensitivity high while we worked his food up. He is on a new program and progressing again in all his exercises. We are still going to continue with his cut as the feedbacks we monitor suggest he can continue on. When that changes, we will take a break, and decide the next step we take together. Training Dylan is such a pleasure as he simply just executes. I am proud of him as his coach and wanted to take a moment to highlight his hard work and discipline.


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