Client Spotlight: Erin Dineen

Originally Erin didn’t want to post her progress pictures but I told her it might inspire one person who is having a hard time pushing through and believing in himself or herself. I encouraged her to consider it,  because in a little over 3 months she has dropped 20lbs, inches, stares dudes down for curling in the squat rack, and most of all, she is confident in the work she does daily.

When we linked up I knew she needed to be fed more and we had some gut health issues to work through. She listened, agreed, and best of all executed it. We worked on her phase 1 &2 liver detoxification phases and a leaky gut protocol. Over time she began eating more and the changes kept coming. Ladies, you need to stop being afraid of food. Without it you can’t build muscle and lose fat, along with properly regulate your hormones, which are vital for fat loss, muscle gain, and feeling well.

Another really awesome part was we even fixed her digestion where she is OFF her Prilosec, her acid reflux drug, which she had been on for over 3 years! Now her stomach is producing stomach acid properly now. Prilosec will actually lower your body’s ability to produce acid. If you go to your doctor for acid reflux or have acid reflux it is actually is a low acid issue NOT an overload of acid production. 

I couldn’t be more proud of her courage to share her progress. I couldn’t be mode proud of the ownership she gives to her health/fitness. I am one proud coach as she has earned her results through a commitment to the promise she made herself for a better tomorrow.