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Brae DeRocher

Brae is an integrative fitness and nutrition coach with a background in psychology, spirituality, life coaching and the implementation of diversity into all parts of life. After being in the military and serving for 8 years, he finished his degree in psychology and was accepted into his PhD. After careful consideration, he changed career paths and began his exploration into the integrative study of fitness, nutrition, gut health, hormone health with the background of the human mind.

As a transgender individual, transitioning from female to male over the past 6 years, he has dug deep into the perspectives of human hormones and the impact it has on the body–physically and mentally.

Brae is now working alongside some of the most knowledgeable coaches in the industry striving to bring inspiration, therapeutic fitness, self-love, diversity and new perspective to the fitness industry.

In Brae’s off time, he enjoys diving deeper into his spiritual practice in both yoga and through meditation, hiking, kayaking and spending time with friends and family.


Food: Tacos
Music: Everything, but Opera
Exercise: Back & Biceps
Non-fitness hobby: Kayaking
Book: The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein
Movie: Lion King


NCI Level 1 Nutrition Certification
NCI Level 1 Hormone Certification
Transgender Health Research Grant Certification

Associates Degree in Humanities and Social Justice
Bachelors of Psychology


Outstanding Senior in Psychology Award
Publication: Music Intervention For Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Make a Change


Your results are the number one priority for us. A result for you could be weight loss, it could be to improve your self-confidence, and it could be to completely change your body shape. What is most important to us, is that we start you where you’re at, and not where we think you should be. This is key to all of our clients achieving the very best progress along their journey.

When I first found Brae, I thought it would turn out like every other workout and diet plan I’ve tried in the past. Normally, I’d stick to it for a week or so and then give up because I didn’t see overnight results. Working with Brae has taught me that results take time, that nothing worth having comes easy, and that the body you want is possible but only through hard work. Brae constantly is checking in on me throughout the week both about my progress and just life in general. I’ve never had a coach care about my whole self before the way that he does.
At first I was nervous to send weekly progress pictures because I didn’t see much progress myself. Brae never made me feel bad about my body and celebrates the small victories with me, sending me side by sides at just the right times to keep me going. He makes sure that I understand the why behind everything. I never knew that working out and eating healthy had so much to do with chemistry and hormones! Overall Brae is helping me achieve the body I’ve always wanted in addition to making sure my mental strength is also up to par. I could not be happier with my trainer, my results or my new path in life. Highly recommend if you want a trainer that will genuinely care about you while pushing you to achieve your best!


As Brae’s GRANDMOTHER, I have been working with Brae since October 2020. When I started on my fitness journey, all I wanted to do was lose weight. It wasn’t going well until Brae came along. He immediately put me on a path where eating the right foods was most important. He made me realize that it isn’t the amount of food I’m eating but the kind of food I was putting in my body. He created weekly meal plans tailored to me and checked in with me constantly to see if I was comfortable with it and to make sure it was working to help me accomplish my goals.

When my goals became less about losing weight and more about gaining muscle, he explained what needed to be done, adjusted my meal plans and educated me on the type of exercises I needed to begin doing.

In addition to caring about my physical health, Brae stays tuned in to my mental and emotional health as well. He wants to know how I’m feeling, and suggests ways to elevate my mood when I’m not feeling my best.

Brae is very motivating. He keeps me on track, encourages me to stay focused and to keep working towards my goal. He always reminds me to trust the process and I will get there. With Brae’s help, I know I will.


If you’re looking for one-on-one hand-holding expertise, look no further than Brae. While I ate healthy, he pointed out the pitfalls that were keeping the weight on; he’s constantly tweaking my meal plan resulting in continued results … both physically and mentally. Since following my healthier “diet” I immediately started dropping weight but more importantly, I feel so much better. My mood swings, emotional highs/lows are now extinct. Brae continues to encourage me to move more and clearly explains what exercises will prove valuable for my particular body type. The time invested in helping me achieve my goals has been amazing. Usually I give up but with his continued support, patience and encouragement I’m sticking with it. I am so thankful our paths crossed and I started working with him.


How is Relentless Different?
We strive to put the FACTS into fitness. We silence the noise of trendy diet fads and all the mainstream social media “expert” advice by teaching ‘Learned Fitness Dynamics”. We provide you with a cutting-edge educational client experience that can’t be duplicated. We create an individualized program for our clients while helping you understand ‘WHY’ we have developed this detailed roadmap of success for you.
What's In It For Me?
We don’t ask you to make a purchase, rather an investment in yourself. We get you that return you’ve been looking for from your time and effort to create a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. Our programs and teaching methodology is the catalyst of change you need to move forward in your fitness journey. We won’t quit until your desires have turned into your reality.
Why Should I Trust Relentless?
If you want results, then you want us! Check out our transformation page and testimonials to see what our clients have experienced for themselves. We have over 40+ years of combined coaching experience, and our coaches continue their education weekly to provide the best educational and client experience possible. We provide case studies and examples of clients just like you that have changed their lives both physically and mentally using our Learned Fitness Dynamics.
What Do I Have To Lose?
You could lose a lot of time and money by continuing to practice traditional methods that are designed around old teaching methods and science. With Relentless Forever there is nothing to lose but real weight and the weight of the false self.
How Do I Get Started?
Fill out the form below when you’re ready to start moving forward. No pressure. We’ll always be here to serve others looking to take the journey from pain to possibility. When you feel the time is right, we will help you take action and create a custom plan for you to achieve your goals and desires.
How Does It Work?
We use a proprietary methodology called “Learn Fitness Dynamics”. Check out the Results Page for full details.

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