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Jake Asher

Jeff Black


Competing as an athlete for most of his life, Jake has always been drawn to strength and conditioning. Football, Track&Field, Cheerleading, Powerlifting, and Strongman are just a few of the sports he has been involved in. Today those passions have been geared towards his health and fitness and training jiu-jitsu to compete. Jake coaches with a servant’s heart, aiming to help others unlock a part of themselves they never knew existed. Along with coaching, Jake is currently a Volunteer/Part time Firefighter in Pleasant view. He has also donated many hours to tornado relief efforts in his hometown in Kentucky, East Nashville, and Mt. Juliet. A burning passion for putting others before himself separates him from other coaches.

Jake is currently working towards certifications as an Assistant Coach under the direct supervision of Owner and Head Coach Jeff Black.


Food: Southern Comfort

Music: Metalcore, Country, EDM

Exercise: Dumbbell Bench and SKWAAATTSS

Non-fitness Hobby: Jiu Jitsu, Camping, Hunting/Fishing

Book: Relentless by: Tim S. Grover

Movie: Goodfellas


2013 “Count on me” Award-Football

2014 “Most improved” Award-Cheerleading

2015 “MVP” Award-Cheerleading

2015 5th Place College Cheer Nationals

2016 1st place Heavyweight SOKY Iron Warrior Champion

2017 2x 2nd place Mammoth Strength Challenge Champion

2010, 2012, 2013 3x Heavyweight SOKY powerlifting champion

2012 State champion runner-up in Discus

Make a Change


Your results are the number one priority for us. A result for you could be weight loss, it could be to improve your self-confidence, and it could be to completely change your body shape. What is most important to us, is that we start you where you’re at, and not where we think you should be. This is key to all of our clients achieving the very best progress along their journey.





How is Relentless Different?
We strive to put the FACTS into fitness. We silence the noise of trendy diet fads and all the mainstream social media “expert” advice by teaching ‘Learned Fitness Dynamics”. We provide you with a cutting-edge educational client experience that can’t be duplicated. We create an individualized program for our clients while helping you understand ‘WHY’ we have developed this detailed roadmap of success for you.
What's In It For Me?
We don’t ask you to make a purchase, rather an investment in yourself. We get you that return you’ve been looking for from your time and effort to create a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. Our programs and teaching methodology is the catalyst of change you need to move forward in your fitness journey. We won’t quit until your desires have turned into your reality.
Why Should I Trust Relentless?
If you want results, then you want us! Check out our transformation page and testimonials to see what our clients have experienced for themselves. We have over 40+ years of combined coaching experience, and our coaches continue their education weekly to provide the best educational and client experience possible. We provide case studies and examples of clients just like you that have changed their lives both physically and mentally using our Learned Fitness Dynamics.
What Do I Have To Lose?
You could lose a lot of time and money by continuing to practice traditional methods that are designed around old teaching methods and science. With Relentless Forever there is nothing to lose but real weight and the weight of the false self.
How Do I Get Started?
Fill out the form below when you’re ready to start moving forward. No pressure. We’ll always be here to serve others looking to take the journey from pain to possibility. When you feel the time is right, we will help you take action and create a custom plan for you to achieve your goals and desires.
How Does It Work?

We use a proprietary methodology called “Learn Fitness Dynamics”. Check out the Results Page for full details.

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