For The Love Of Mastery

Bodybuilding and later coaching is a craft, a form of art, that I fell in love with. Bodybuilding is that craft, that art to me. The lessons over 25 years of making art, in the form of my body, have been some of the greater lessons of life that I could ever have hoped to experience. It’s not every day that a man with brittle bones wakes up ready to push the envelope of what can be done with said brittle bones, but I am far from most and enjoy the role of the heretic. There are two lessons in particular that I meet head-on daily and chase after in my quiet time. 1) the importance of repetition in regards to mastery and 2) that you have to fail to grow – therefore fail a lot, just fail forward.

In a world where we want to wake up 20 lbs skinnier or 20 million dollars richer to name a few – we have forgotten about the effort it truly takes to achieve anything worth it’s salt. Nothing will be overnight and nothing will be achieved without sacrifice and effort meeting each other head-on. Two blissfully naive lovers running to each other in which sure destruction awaits them both.

I am thankful I found bodybuilding so young. I am thankful that it taught me those two things. It gave me hope and faith in myself, to believe I can always overcome, always endure. Passion is nice to have, but what gets you where you want to be is the grit, the balls to just make shit happen. The hand you are dealt with is the hand you must play because if you want to be remembered you must be relentless.

Fail often. Fail forward. Master all there is to master in your heart and in the end, repetition is how you find salvation in your art. #motivationmonday