Keto Is Screwing A Lot Of You Up

Keto is screwing a lot of you up.

That instant gratification of pounds down you need to see to stay motivated is ultimately the demise to your long-term results.

This kind of yo-yo dieting is straight-up awful for your mindset, metabolism, and hormones.not the best blood work and are eating so little that their body is just not responding.

Keto is great in certain situations – think fasting blood glucose 120+ consistently for an example.

But the reality is most are not using it for that and using it for instant weight loss results.

The only issue is these fast results usually meet a plateau quickly.

Then motivation goes away and you realize you are hungry and there goes everything.

This kind of yo-yo dieting is straight up awful for your mindset, metabolism, and hormones.

Keto is a tool and like all great tools, it has a time and a place.

However, to think you can sustain a keto diet indefinitely is not realistic.

You need to find other tools in your health and fitness journey and this means something else other than a fad diet of quick rewards.

These constant fad diets ultimately cause more harm than good due to long-term sustainability.

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