Oh sh*t, it is January?

How many times have the weeks after Christmas been a total blur and you realize you didn’t do anything productive the entire holiday season? With all the holiday events and parties, family dinners and get-togethers plus the extra days off work… every single week… it’s easy to not really take the end of the year seriously. This is why there are “New Year’s resolutions”, right?

This is to not say that everyone needs to be on the hamster wheel by working 365 days a year, nor would I ever suggest that. I find that there are very few people who can actually produce quality work when time off is not acquainted with. This is why I fully support finding what works for you as an individual when needing to unplug and recharge. This may mean not opening your laptop for an entire day, or going on a vacation that is away from your home for a couple of days, or even just spending an afternoon or night out with friends. 

But the mindset that I don’t support is “oh, well it’s the holidays so I’ll just let it slide, and… I’ll just start fresh next year.” 


?You no longer prepare meals ahead of time. 

⏭You skip the gym for happy hour

?You’re just barely completing work tasks without effort 

?This mindset is a domino effect leading to, “I’m going to grab some drinks at the party” to… “Well, because of the party I didn’t work out” then the weekend comes and “well, I didn’t feel so good so I’ll start on Monday”. See what this can lead to? The problem isn’t the party or even a day off the gym. It’s 15+ drinks later along with multiple poor choices for one weekend that can allow it to repeat into the week ahead.

?This is not the best version of you and I’m here to help you. So, what’s the best way to handle this time of year? 

First, set yourself up for success. We all have certain habits and behaviors that have developed over time that help us stay focused on our goals. This can include drinking a certain amount of water, meal prepping lunches for the week, taking morning walks, or making your bed every morning. 

Second, let’s be realistic. The beginning of the new year can be the busiest time of year so please do give yourself some grace during this time. It may not be the time to diet or take on a huge project. Give yourself grace during this time so we do not allow the mindset to fall into the “all or nothing”. Do your best and keep your efforts consistent. 

Third, food and/or alcohol do not control you. We know extremes can be easier to follow because of the rules put in place, but it is never sustainable. Eating or drinking whatever you want without restraint or saying no to everything doesn’t require much effort. What does require effort is enjoying either or both in moderation, and that’s where most people struggle. 

⚖️With each of my clients, I work on holding a strong mindset year-round because it allows them to be successful no matter what situation they may be in. After all, not every day is the same and we want to ensure that clients are able to hold on to their results for life with a balanced mindset. Without a balanced mindset, you may find yourself trying to overhaul your life or setting up to fail yet another New Year’s resolution. 

?If you’re looking for help to navigate diet and nutrition and set yourself up for success in the new year, we’re never too busy to help. Contact us today so we can set you up for success!