Q..Huh?… What? A can’t-miss supplement.

I have been using this all-star player for over a decade now. It started in 2008 when I received the flu shot and proceeded to get the flu twice within 2 months. Viruses doing virus shit, I guess, but I was training a doctor who told me about Quercetin. With my bone disease, we are more prone to upper respiratory infections, and from age 8, when my surgeries began, I also was very sick, and that makes sense because of the strain surgery has on our bodies. It led to me catching any URI floating around each season, along with 50/50 shots of the flu. Obvs I dreaded flu season for years.

When I began taking Quercetin a few months after the doctor told me to consider it, I started not getting sick as much. I was pretty bro diet but did always eat some fruit and veggies back then, and bodybuilding has always been a lifestyle for me, so I knew this supplement was something to keep using. Fast forward to today, and I haven’t had a URI in around 5 years now. Usually, when I get sick, it strikes like it always does for most of us, under times of stress and typically poor eating due to said stress.

Today gut health is all the vogue and sexiness of the health space in large part to our current health climate. I mean, it’s hard to ignore our ever-changing definition of what “healthy” is defined as each year passes, but with the emergence of something we can’t see killing us, science looks for the billion-dollar answer no matter where it might be.

It’s no secret we are as a society, are getting sicker. Leaky gut is pretty standard now in most people who eat a western diet, leading to chronic inflammation that makes your immune system work harder. Sprinkle the stress of life on them with a pinch of alcohol and lousy food to numb said stress, and you have a URI-loving shit storm on your hand. Hence the current pandemic we are in is more based on our lifestyle than not.

Quercetin is one of those supplements I think deserves a lot of consideration for most of us.


It helps plug the stomach’s mucosal lining, thus helping resolve leaky gut.
It helps with cardiovascular health & reduces inflammation, and prevents upper respiratory infections.

Give these 3 benefits against our current lifestyle, and you can see why adding Quercetin might not just be a lousy thing?