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Please contact your coach directly to put in your one billing cycle notice. If you are having issues with communication, please contact Admin at hello@relentlessforever.com

Monthly Subscription – One Billing Cycle Notice – Cancellation Policy

*Bank or credit draft cancellations: Relentless Forever must receive cancellations 30 days or 1 full billing cycle before your debit date to stop a debit. It is solely the responsibility of the subscriber to validate monthly bank statements to ensure drafts have been discontinued. Relentless Forever will not refund monthly subscription dues beyond the effective date of the cancellation. Relentless Forever is not responsible for errors over 90 days.


Monthly Subscription Term & Termination

The Initial Term of this Subscription Agreement shall be for a period of monthly drafts as selected and shall automatically renew unless terminated in the manner prescribed below. We may cancel this Subscription Agreement at any time upon providing written notice of its termination. You may cancel this Subscription Agreement only by providing a one full billing cycle written notice. This one full billing cycle notice must be given at least 30 days before the next auto-draft date of your account. In the event, you fail to provide 30 days’ notice you shall be liable for a termination fee equal to two billing cycles or buying out your remaining contract. This termination fee shall be automatically charged and auto drafted from the card that you leave on file. Paid in full subscriptions will not be refunded or prorated. All sales are final.


Paid in full subscriptions will not be refunded or prorated. All sales are final.

Need help?

Contact us at  hello@relentlessforever.com for questions related to refunds.