Austin Smith


Ringing in 2019 I was very overweight and very out of shape. My resolution was to get under 300lbs for the first time since my wedding, 9 years ago. In July I hadn’t started and I weighed 366 lbs…I decided to go all in. July 13 I began training with Jeff and stopped tobacco and alcohol all altogether. Shortly after beginning training I got my blood test and it was hard to see the results. I was borderline catastrophic in some areas and was pre-diabetic. I found out I had low T as well. I started seeing someone about getting that fixed. I was already focused but this really set it in. I was lifting 4 days per week, as well as doing HIIT and cardio. My eating was very balanced…and I was surprised at how much I actually had to eat each day. Looking back I remember feeling that I was so far behind everyone else and had to lift lower weights, the simplest things exhausted me. As the end of the year got closer I had lost over 60 lbs and was so close to my goal. I’m now lifting weight I never did before, even when I was playing ball in school. My cardio had increased and become much easier. My blood glucose levels decreased immensely. With a hard push the last couple days I finished 2020 at 299.8 lbs! I did it! I’m looking forward to hitting new goals this year.



Heather Moore



Don’t look at Jeff and think “Man! I’m not trying to be a body builder. I don’t think this guy is for me.” Take it from a 50 year old woman, struggling with IBS, eating disorders and and super stressful job.

Through diet changes, customized workouts that were challenging, but through connection and coaching Jeff helped me overcome my IBS (something doctors hadn’t been able to do in 15 years), heal my gut which improved my thyroid health and lowered my inflammation.

I even developed a better relationship with food, rehabilitate my metabolism and has helped me become a better version of myself. I highly recommend him!!!!




Nick Ross

I’ve been working every day with Jeff Black for the last 7 months. I’ve made more progress in every aspect of my life than I ever thought possible. He helped me flip my mindset. The voice and opinion in my head which has resulted in me reaching the fullest extent of my potential. This is the true definition of success. Mind, body and soul, I am now fully focused every single day on the pursuit of dominating everything I do. The score has to be 100-0. I can’t begin to tell you how that kind of confidence building mentally has attracted so many positive things into my life. Jeff is always available to me through online training, text, phone or in person. He always makes time for me and goes above and beyond for me as a client. As a cancer survivor, Jeff has made sure to personally tailor every aspect of my training, diet and supplements to make sure I’m as healthy as possible. He’s an impactor. His character is built from the ground up. This is not something that can be contrived or forced for the end results of profits. This is who he is. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or at the advanced level of fitness and training, I highly recommend his services to anyone that is ready to make great strides in their life. God knows he has changed mine.




In the 5 months Jeff and I have been working together I have learned that so much of changing your body begins with nutrition, I have dropped 30lbs and gained quite a bit of muscle.

Jason W

I will tell you at times it wasn’t easy because Jeff can be a bit hard headed and I am worse! But, 18 months later at the age of 58, I am stronger and more physically fit than I have ever been in my life.

Beverly D

Ultimately, I would recommend anyone to Jeff because he will teach and show you anything and everything you need to do to accomplish your individual goals.

Jonathan D




After working with Erin, my body composition finally began to change. Not only that, she helped me solve my joint pains through diet.

Amanda V

I have done business with Erin Crawford over the last 5 years. Erin is always professional, deeply knowledgeable, and research-driven. She digs deeper for the cause of wellness issues than most people in the health industry.

Kayla F

Erin was referred to me by a friend, and I am forever grateful for that day. Erin is a wonderful coach. We have a great relationship and have seen amazing progress. I know that without her on my side, I’d still be stuck hitting every dead-end road.

Sarah J



Morgan has been different from everything else I’ve tried since day one. She is motivating, well-educated, compassionate and quick to respond to all of my questions and concerns. She has set up a plan for me that I have been able to adopt as a lifestyle change, rather than something I could only stick with for a short time.


In my time working with Morgan, I’ve not only been able to surpass my weight loss goals but also have visible abdominal muscles which I never thought possible after having kids! As a result, I have more confidence than ever. She has given me the tools to continue to be successful in my journey and make mindful choices.


Working with Morgan has exceeded my expectations. She has already helped me achieve goals that I did not think I could accomplish. The most impressive example is that my biggest weight loss and progress occurred while I was recovering from surgery and not able to weightlift. I completely trust that, if I listen to her guidance, I will achieve more than I ever thought was possible.. With Morgan in my corner, the possibilities are endless.


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