Wellness Wednesday Newsletter

Catalyst words to impact & educate.

Wellness Wednesday Newsletter

Catalyst words to impact & educate.


Customized Nutritional Plan w/ Macros

A set number of proteins, fats and carbs for your lifestyle goals. We also provide an example of what to eat. We implement a flexible diet instead of a restrictive diet.

Custom Cardio Programming

You’ll learn the importance of target heart rate programming based on your goals. Balanced cardio is the difference between the results you want verse the results you’re not getting.

Custom Workout Program

You’ll learn the importance of target heart rate programming based on your goals. Cardio is the difference between the results you want versus the results you’re getting.


Thyroid Hormone Support - Certified Hormone Specialist

Lack of energy and depression are directly linked to low functioning thyroid. We’ll work on restoring nutrient deficiencies through proper planning to help your thyroid perform.

Sex Hormone Support - Certified Hormone Specialist

Let’s face it, having sex is great and is good for our health. We specialize in understanding & interpreting bloodwork data to help you get your sexy back.

Detox Plan for Better Cellular Function

Everyday were exposed to 1000s of chemicals, these chemicals cause alot of disruption in your body and create a toxic environment. We improve nutritional habits to help your liver function at its peak.

Stress Management Programming

Heart Rate Variability monitoring tells us if your nervous system is chronically stressed. Data feedback will guide your habits to improve your wellbeing.

Custom Supplement Programming

We provide individualized supplement protocols to maximize your results & build a strong immune system. Supplements are optimized for short and long term goals.

Custom Gut Health Protocol

Nutritional guidelines & holistic supplementation plans to allow the optimization of your gut microbiome.

Integrative Plan


In-Person Training


Don’t Get Stuck In A Fitness Failure Loop


Traditional methods of weight loss and fitness programming do not provide long-lasting results. This causes people to get stuck in what we call a ‘Fitness Failure Loop’. You want to transform your body, but you don’t feel like you have the right behaviors to achieve Long Term Results. Because the new behaviors never form, you also never create the capabilities to Transform Your Body. This is an endless loop that causes most people to quit.

Your other options out there are not that great either. America is now estimated at nearly half the population suffering from obesity, so we know dietitians and nutritionists don’t work. Today’s doctors are so busy that it almost seems like ‘Diagnose & Adios’ when you seek advice. The industry is also filled with ‘social media experts’ and quick fix guides that are meant to keep you guessing and needing more and more of their services in the hopes of seeing results. All of this misformation keeps people guessing and once again caught in a “Fitness Failure Loop’, and that is why you need a Catalyst Coach to give you the momentum to start moving forward.

Our mission is to be the Catalyst of Change in your life. We do this by providing a proven roadmap to unlocking the Long Term Results you desire. We call this methodology, Learn Fitness Dynamics. We then stack on the value by providing nutritional coaching, hormone, fertility, gut health, thyroid, and blood work consultations. You’ll also get custom fitness tools, personal video feedback, and a monthly video called Relentless Results Reports. This is to create the momentum for the Long Term Results you deserve. We match the urgency of your goals by providing industry-leading support and communication that’s individualized to your strengths, so you’re never stuck again.

Here is how to move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions


We strive to put the FACTS into fitness. We silence the noise of trendy diet fads and all the mainstream social media “expert” advice by teaching ‘Learned Fitness Dynamics”. We provide you with a cutting-edge educational client experience that can’t be duplicated. We create an individualized program for our clients while helping you understand ‘WHY’ we have developed this detailed roadmap of success for you.


We don’t ask you to make a purchase, rather an investment in yourself. We get you that return you’ve been looking for from your time and effort to create a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. Our programs and teaching methodology is the catalyst of change you need to move forward in your fitness journey. We won’t quit until your desires have turned into your reality.


If you want results, then you want us! Check out our transformation page and testimonials to see what our clients have experienced for themselves. We have over 40+ years of combined coaching experience, and our coaches continue their education weekly to provide the best educational and client experience possible. We provide case studies and examples of clients just like you that have changed their lives both physically and mentally using our Learned Fitness Dynamics.  


You could lose a lot of time and money by continuing to practice traditional methods that are designed around old teaching methods and science. With Relentless Forever there is nothing to lose but real weight and the weight of the false self.


Fill out the form when you’re ready to start moving forward.  No pressure. We will always be here to serve others looking to take the journey from pain to possibility. When you feel the time is right, we will help you take action and create a custom plan for you to achieve your goals and desires.

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